Libya’s Vast Borders Still a No-Man’s Land for Most

Loose-knit ethnic militias form the backbone of border control in the southern regions of Libya that the government has declared under emergency law.


8 Things the US Should Be Doing in Libya: Effective Immediately

by Ethan Chorin

At the same time, it is wrong to say we have no influence in Libya, or that we have no means of increasing that capacity. The Libyans care, and have long cared to a large degree, what the U.S. thinks. Many of the key officials in charge now, from the president to a series of key Ministers, former prime ministers, reform leaders and various members of the transitional parliament were either nurtured by, or had their formative experiences in the States, and hoped to create stronger links between the two countries.

Here’s a list of what I believe are 8 things the U.S. can do immediately to help Libya, and our position there:

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