Deceptions and Lies About the CIA’s Operations in North Africa

Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya
Horace Campbell
Monthly Review Press 2013

Quoted: “I have challenged this verdict that the intervention did more good than harm. Some other supporters of the Libya intervention are now calculating the costs as embassies rush to leave the people to the mercy of the militias. According to the British newspaper the Guardian, “the fear of further violence has led to the British and US embassies withdrawing some staff, the European Union closing its mission in Tripoli and BP announcing it was pulling out non-essential staff.” France had already scaled back its operations after a military attack on its mission in Tripoli. What Daryl Issa and the forces calling the issues of Benghazi a cover-up are refusing to deal with is the deceptions and lies that led to the catastrophic situation in Libya and North Africa today.”


Deceptions and Lies About the CIA’s Operations in North Africa

Benghazi, Petraeus, and the CIA