#BENGHAZI: FOIA’s Denied, Ops Team Pulled From Search

It’s just under three weeks ago I updated on the Benghazi case.  In that update, we had learned that Nakoula had granted an interview to the Daily Caller, witnesses and survivors were being hidden from Congress and that 400 surface to air missiles that were diverted to Libya were stolen by some ‘very ugly people’.

In the following update, I’ll cover the mainstream media finally denouncing the blame assigned to the YouTube video, the denial of one FOIA and information obtained from another, the pulling out of the investigative team in Benghazi and new meaning assigned to Hillary’s now famous outburst – What difference, at this point, does it make? Possibly a big one if the trail being abandoned leads back to Egypt.

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Against the Odds: The Black Swans of Libya’s Arab Spring

By William Lawrence, on 23 Jul 2013

In July 2012, amid the euphoria of historic elections, Libya’s future seemed brighter than ever. The polls were Libya’s first democratic elections in more than 52 years, and the promise of Libya’s Arab Spring seemed closer at hand. Many obstacles had been surmounted to demonstrate to the world that the nation could prevail against strong odds.

Against the Odds: The Black Swans of Libya’s Arab Spring

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Ratings of one Hillary Rodham Clinton

Washington Monthly The Magazine

One Benghazi! Mission Accomplished

by Ed Kilgore

NOTED : Commentaire of Survey from Quinnipiac






Surprise: Obama Promotes Another Benghazi Scandal Player

May 24, 2013 by Guy Benson

Victoria Nuland? She’s the State Department spokeswoman at the center of the firestorm over the administration’s Benghazi talking points — and if the president has his way, she’ll be movin’ on up to Assistant Secretary of State:


Amnesty International (London)

Libya: ‘I Cannot Explain How Terrible the Situation Was’

press release

This is part of a special ‘People on the Move’ series, highlighting the human rights violations faced by migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in every part of the world. These profiles are being published around the launch of Amnesty International’s Annual Report 2013.




8 Things the US Should Be Doing in Libya: Effective Immediately

by Ethan Chorin

At the same time, it is wrong to say we have no influence in Libya, or that we have no means of increasing that capacity. The Libyans care, and have long cared to a large degree, what the U.S. thinks. Many of the key officials in charge now, from the president to a series of key Ministers, former prime ministers, reform leaders and various members of the transitional parliament were either nurtured by, or had their formative experiences in the States, and hoped to create stronger links between the two countries.

Here’s a list of what I believe are 8 things the U.S. can do immediately to help Libya, and our position there:

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