No news of kidnapped of Jordanian ambassador but Interior Ministry “has leads”

By Libya Herald staff.

Tripoli, 16 April 2014:

There has been news of the Jordanian Ambassador, Fawwaz Al-Eitan, who was seized yesterday morning in central Tripoli by masked gunmen.  However, the Interior Ministry continues to follow up a number of leads.


Libya Herald

Fighting subsides in Sebha as reconciliation talks get underway

Tripoli, 22 January 2014:

Fighting in and around Sebha has calmed down as reconciliation talks in the town gather momentum.

Vanished Chinese hero prompts demo at Beijing’s embassy

Mohamed Najah and Aimen Eljali

Tripoli, 2 September 2013:

The alleged imprisonment and death sentence on a Chinese-born hero of the Libyan revolution led to angry protests outside the Chinese embassy in Tripoli today.

The 50 or so demonstrators believed that Yousef Bo Wang, a convert to Islam, who during the Revolution played a distinguished role helping evacuate wounded fighters to Tunisia, was kidnapped in Turkey on his way to Beijing.

Oil sector workers protest outside Congress

By Ahmed Elumami.

Tripoli, 2 September 2013:

Over a hundred oil sector workers protested outside Congress today, demanding that the General National Congress (GNC) and the government reopen the country’s oil fields and export terminals.

Members of the Oil and Gas Sector Workers Union (OGSWU), in cooperation with civil society organisations, said they were taking to the streets as a last resort. All other attempts to get the authorities to act had, they said, failed.

Treasured family car comes home

Belgassem Muntasser at the wheel of his father classic Mercedes 220S Read more: (Photo: Libya Herald)

Belgassem Muntasser at the wheel of his father classic Mercedes 220S
(Photo: Libya Herald)

By Michel Cousins.

Tripoli, 1 September 2013:

Mercedes Benz cars are not a common sight on Libya’s streets, unlike in the rest of North Africa and the Middle East, But it was not always so. Before Qaddafi seized power exactly forty-four years ago they were everywhere. Even the taxis were Mercedes. The reason they disappeared was that they were one of Qaddafi’s pet hates, of which he had many. He associated them with businessmen – another hate.

Mercedes now plans a major comeback in the country. But one very special Mercedes, although not exactly new, has already arrived.

September trial for Saif and Senussi

Tripoli, 30 August 2013:

Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi, one of the former dictator’s sons, and his spy chief Abdullah Senussi are among 30 former regime officials who will stand trial in September, according to Libya’s Attorney General.


Malta could help Libya harness tourism potential

Photos by Luis M Cordeiro Malta

Photos by Luis M Cordeiro

Tripoli, 29 August 2013:

Malta could serve as both an example and partner for Libya in the country’s efforts to become a tourist destination, following talks between Libyan and Maltese Tourism Ministers.