Plan to secure Tripoli ready and awaiting GNC approval: security spokesman

By Umar Khan.

Tripoli, 25 May 2015:

A plan to ensure the security of Tripoli has finally been prepared by Tripoli’s Security Chamber and the Joint Force Operations Room. It was forwarded to the General National Congress and Prime Minister’s office on Wednesday, according to a source who was involved in the plan’s formation.

Draft law on electing Constitutional Commission expected next week

By Ahmed Elumami.

Tripoli, 21 May 2013:

Finishing touches are being put to the draft law on the elections for the “Commission of 60” which will draw up the new constitution.  It should be ready for submission to Congress next week according to Constitution Election Committee member Wissam Suqair. The Committee was set up on 10 April under the chairmanship of Benghazi Congressman Suleiman Zubi andt given 45 days to submit its proposals to Congress. That gives it until Saturday.

[Excerpt]  The call for the Commission to be based in Beida is unlikely to find an immediate answer. Speaking from the town, where he and Suqair had been in consultation with local officials, Abu Seta said that seat of Commision would be decided by Congress.
الدعوة إلى اللجنة ليكون مقرها في بيدا من غير المرجح أن تجد جوابا على الفور. وقال أبو سيتا يتحدث من بلدة حيث والصقير كان بالتشاور مع المسؤولين المحليين وسيتقرر ذلك المقعد من العمولات من قبل الكونغرس.

Top Libya minister quits

2013-05-21 22:35

Tripoli – Libya’s interior minister has submitted his resignation, two official sources said on Tuesday, after months of efforts to curb armed groups who helped topple Muammar Gaddafi but have since stalled the transition to democracy.

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VIEWPOINT: Ambassador Chris Stevens Deserved Better Than What Benghazi Became


The effort to turn the Benghazi attack into a political albatross for current and former Obama administration officials has done and will do significant damage to American diplomatic efforts in hostile environments. Policymakers may become even more reluctant to take risks with diplomatic personnel in these situations for fear of a political boomerang if something goes wrong.