Treasured family car comes home

Belgassem Muntasser at the wheel of his father classic Mercedes 220S Read more: (Photo: Libya Herald)

Belgassem Muntasser at the wheel of his father classic Mercedes 220S
(Photo: Libya Herald)

By Michel Cousins.

Tripoli, 1 September 2013:

Mercedes Benz cars are not a common sight on Libya’s streets, unlike in the rest of North Africa and the Middle East, But it was not always so. Before Qaddafi seized power exactly forty-four years ago they were everywhere. Even the taxis were Mercedes. The reason they disappeared was that they were one of Qaddafi’s pet hates, of which he had many. He associated them with businessmen – another hate.

Mercedes now plans a major comeback in the country. But one very special Mercedes, although not exactly new, has already arrived.

Government instructs NOC to move to Benghazi

By Ahmed Elumami and Michel Cousins.

Tripoli, 5 June 2013:

The government has ordered the NOC to move to Benghazi. A cabinet notice issued today instructs the Ministry of Oil and Gas to take “the necessary measures, in coordination with the relevant authorities” to facilitate the transfer. Along with the NOC, the government has also ordered Libyan Airlines, the Libya Company for Insurance and the Internal Investment Company to go to Benghazi.

Libya Herald

Tawerghans seek support for the return home

By Mathieu Galtier.

Tripoli, 1 June 2013:

About 200 hundred people took part in a conference today intended to draw attention to Tawerghan plans to return to their town on 25 June. The decision to return was announced last month by community elders. The Tawerghans want local and international organisations as well as the media to be present on the day, both to cover the event and prevent those opposed to the return, particularly from Misrata, using force to stop them going back.

Libya Herald

Plan to secure Tripoli ready and awaiting GNC approval: security spokesman

By Umar Khan.

Tripoli, 25 May 2015:

A plan to ensure the security of Tripoli has finally been prepared by Tripoli’s Security Chamber and the Joint Force Operations Room. It was forwarded to the General National Congress and Prime Minister’s office on Wednesday, according to a source who was involved in the plan’s formation.