Creating Opportunities For Success: Danya Bashir Hobba at TEDxUniversityofSharjah

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Danya Bashir Hobba is a Libyan, author, activist, the Executive Director for the Middle East and North Africa, NGO: Social Media for Change and works with the Dubai School of Government on the Arab Social Media Report.

Libya: The government has got to go, say protesters


After hearing news of a deadly car bombing at a hospital in Benghazi, Libyans took to the streets in the capital of Tripoli.

They had one simple message: the government has to go and safety must to be restored the country, which 18 months after the uprising against deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi, continues to be shaken by sporadic violence.

The number killed in the Benghazi blast varies between three and 15, with doctors registering a child amongst the dead.

Commentators have noted that this incident marks a change in the nature of the attacks. Previous targets were police stations, and government or diplomatic missions.

According to reports, hundreds of people gathered at the scene blaming armed militias who reign over the streets and called for order in a country on a rocky path to democratic rule.

A two-week siege of government ministries in the capital ended on Sunday when armed militia left their posts. Intimidation has become routine, and foreign interests are beginning to pull out of the country.