Cyrenaica declares autonomy

By Essam Mohamed

Libya’s oil-rich eastern region declared self-governance on Saturday (June 1st). A day after the announcement by the Cyrenaica Transitional Council, the General National Congress (GNC) discussed the issue and promised to release a statement condemning the declaration.

“Cyrenaica is a federal territory within the framework of the Libyan state, and as of Saturday June 1st, will start to run its own affairs,” said Cyrenaica council chief Ahmed Zubair al-Senussi, speaking in the eastern city of Marj.

Libya PM moves state oil HQ to troubled Benghazi

May 29 (Reuters) – Libya confirmed on Wednesday that the headquarters of the state energy firm would move to the volatile eastern city of Benghazi, a response to demands for more authority for the oil-rich region which may prove a headache for international companies.

Plan to secure Tripoli ready and awaiting GNC approval: security spokesman

By Umar Khan.

Tripoli, 25 May 2015:

A plan to ensure the security of Tripoli has finally been prepared by Tripoli’s Security Chamber and the Joint Force Operations Room. It was forwarded to the General National Congress and Prime Minister’s office on Wednesday, according to a source who was involved in the plan’s formation.

لتلقي التعليم في مختلف التخصصات ضمن مشروع وطني طموح يسأل الوطنية Libya seeks to rehabilitate thwar

Security 2013-05-16

Libya’s General National Congress (GNC) approved a plan last month to train 30,000 young citizens in various disciplines.

The GNC spokesperson confirmed the news April 16th, adding that the legislative body was working to allocate a separate budget for the project.

Drive-by shooting at peaceful Tawerghan protest

Tripoli, 19 May 2013:

A drive-by shooting at the end of today’s peaceful protest staged by people from Tawergha in front of the General National Congress (GNC) left one man wounded in the leg.