Oil sector workers protest outside Congress

By Ahmed Elumami.

Tripoli, 2 September 2013:

Over a hundred oil sector workers protested outside Congress today, demanding that the General National Congress (GNC) and the government reopen the country’s oil fields and export terminals.

Members of the Oil and Gas Sector Workers Union (OGSWU), in cooperation with civil society organisations, said they were taking to the streets as a last resort. All other attempts to get the authorities to act had, they said, failed.

Attack on Libyan former rebels kills 31: agency

BENGHAZI, Libya, June 09, 2013 (AFP)

Clashes in Libya’s second city of Benghazi between former rebels and anti-militia demonstrators killed at least 31 people and wounded more than 100, the LANA news agency said on Sunday.


Morocco World News

EU sends border management mission to Libya

By Elena Ralli | May 23, 2013 – 12:24pm

The European Council has decided to deploy a civilian EU integrated border management assistance mission in Libya (EUBAM Libya) with a view to support capacity building for enhancing the security of its land, sea and air borders. The mission will gradually launch its activities in Libya in June.

As the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission, Catherine Ashton, stated: “EUBAM Libya is an important mission for Libya and the entire region, but also for the security of EU borders. The mission responds to a direct request from our Libyan partners and I’m pleased to say that it can now be deployed in June.”

More specific, EUBAM is to support Libyan authorities in enhancing border security in the short term. In addition, European experts will also assist the Libyans in developing a sustainable integrated border management strategy in the longer term, including the necessary structures, after agreeing on the priorities.

EUBAM Libya will progressively address the different land, sea and air weaknesses of border management. It will also promote the necessary coordination required for decision making and effective operational conduct. Its responsibilities will also involve management of migration flows, human rights and the wider rule of law reform.

EUBAM is part of the overall EU strategy aiming at supporting the Libyan transition since the EU wants to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relations with the neighbouring country. The civilian mission, which is part of the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy, will initially last two years and has a budget of €30.3 million for the first 12 months. Antti Hartikainen will be appointed as Head of Mission that will deploy up to 110 staff.



Security Concerns Force FIFA To Move Libya, Togo World Cup Clash

World soccer’s ruling body FIFA has moved Friday’s Group I tie between Libya and Togo to Tripoli after clashes between protesters and a militia killed at least 31 people on Saturday in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi where the game was initially scheduled to be held.

But the move was not enough to convince some Togo players to make the trip. Togo player Alaixys Romao has decided not to go to Libya while striker Serge Gakpe said the trip to the North African country is not worth risking his life for.



Some 300 contracts worth $40 billion to be reactivated

By Sami Zaptia.

Tripoli, 5 June 2013:

Libya is poised to resume thousands of outstanding  contracts worth tens of billions of dollars,  said the boss of a leading international project management company, which is preparing to return to Libya.

Libya Herald


Hollande: No military intervention in Libya

By Nihal Zaroug.

Tripoli, 2 June 2013:

French President Francois Hollande has moved to quash rumours of plans of military intervention in southern Libya to crack down on Islamist militants said to be now based there.

Libya Herald


East Libya group declares self-government

Proof of growing pressure for planned new constitution to adopt a federal structure

Tripoli, Libya: The leader of a political group in Libya’s oil-rich Cyrenaica province declared it a self-governing region in a speech on Saturday, evidence of growing pressure for a planned new constitution to adopt a federal structure.