Libya begins tentative voyage towards becoming tourist hotspot of the future

Libya begins tentative voyage towards becoming tourist hotspot of the future

Barriers are daunting, armed militias, weak government, jihadi terrorism, but minister at tourism expo believes in the long game

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Ouem El Ma Lake, Libya

Ouem El Ma Lake, Libya

Ikram Bash Imam freely admits it is not an easy task to persuade a sceptical world that the “new” Libya, still awash with weapons and rival militias, is a holiday destination worth considering.

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Malta could help Libya harness tourism potential

Photos by Luis M Cordeiro Malta

Photos by Luis M Cordeiro

Tripoli, 29 August 2013:

Malta could serve as both an example and partner for Libya in the country’s efforts to become a tourist destination, following talks between Libyan and Maltese Tourism Ministers.

Libya waiting for Turkish investors


طرابلس عروس البحر المتوسط

طرابلس عروس البحر المتوسط

16:19, 31 May 2013 Friday

The Libyan tourism minister said her country sought to attract Turkish investors as the two countries agreed to cooperate on tourism.

Libyan Minister of Tourism Akram Abd al-Salam Bash Imam said her country was engaged in cooperation with Turkey on tourism, as Libya planned to pass laws for promoting its touristic value and incentivizing foreign investment.

Large-scale tourism projects in Tripoli and Sibrata are being finalized despite security woes, said Imam, while some 20 projects worth billions of dollars still remain from the Kaddafi era.

Imam said the media was growing more and more obsessed with Libya’s security issues.”This hinders our efforts to attract tourists into the country,” she added.

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Qatar Airways increases capacity to North Africa from June 1

Qatar Airways today announced an increase in capacity between Qatar and North Africa with its flights to Tripoli and Casablanca going non-stop, from this weekend. Effective June 1, scheduled services to the Libyan capital Tripoli will be de-linked from the Egyptian city of Alexandria offering additional seats to both cities.

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Nestled deep in Ghadames The Pearl of the Desert

Ghadames awaits the tourists


Perched on a low wall in the centre of the Libyan desert oasis town of Ghadames, 80-year old tourist guide Mohammed Ibrahim says he is waiting for the foreign visitors he used to show around to come back.