‘Restrepo’ A documentary film

[Excerpt] On February 27, 2011, Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger were at the Academy Awards, where “Restrepo,” the film they’d co-directed about a year in the life of a platoon stationed in one of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan, was up for Best Documentary. Less than two months later, Hetherington was back in the field, covering the Libyan civil war, when he and fellow photojournalist Chris Hondros were killed by mortar fire in the city of Misrata. Hetherington was just 40 years old, but had already established himself with great talent and empathy in his work, documenting life and conflict in West Africa and Afghanistan, and winning multiple awards for his photo and video journalism.



Transitional Libyan Media: Free at Last?


The fall of the Qaddafi regime liberated Libyan journalists from their role as publishers of state propaganda, but Libya’s media industry is by no means free.
Fatima el Issawi
Paper | May 14, 2013