Collaboration between UN, Local Forces In Lebanon

In Lebanon, Head of UN Peacekeeping Hails Collaboration between UN, Local ForcesNew York, May 13 2013 – The United Nations peacekeeping chief today lauded the efforts of UN “blue helmets” in maintaining peace along the so-called Blue Line separating Israel and Lebanon, adding that the work of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNFIL) was crucial in building confidence in the region.[EXCERPT]


ICC considers Libyan request to retake Gadhafi inquiry

BRUSSELS, May 13 (UPI) — The International Criminal Court is considering a challenge by the Libyan government in the case of two Gadhafi-era officials suspected of human rights abuses.

Libya: UN Mission Strongly Condemns Deadly Bombing In Benghazi

Libya: UN Mission Strongly Condemns Deadly Bombing In Benghazi

Thomas Pickering on the chain of command: Ambassador to secretary of State

By Carol Felsenthal – 05/13/13 08:35 PM ET
At the start of the Obama administration, when I was writing about the rookie president’s appalling continuation of the tradition of appointing bundlers/donors to the most glamorous embassies, I called Thomas Pickering. The professional diplomat, or “career officer,” as he called himself (he joined the Foreign Service in 1959), is being treated by a growing number of Republicans as if he’s some hack or patronage toady who’s looking to be secretary of State in the Hillary Rodham Clinton administration to come.

Car bomb kills and injures dozens in Benghazi

The Sydney Morning Herald World

A powerful car bomb has exploded near a hospital in the Libyan city of Benghazi, killing and wounding dozens in what officials say is the first such attack on civilians since Muammar Gaddafi’s ouster.